Photo Tee – A New Photo Sharing Portal

Photo Tee is a free and friendly online web photo portal for you to view, post and to share your great moments (photos) with your friends, family members, and love ones. At Photo Tee, you would be given unlimited space to store your photos, and photo sharing has been made more conveniently to your friends and you.

For those who may be wondering what inspired me(Randy) to start a project like this, I would say that its my great friends who have given me the inspiration. My study trip together with my University friends in UK, has been the most meaningful period I ever had in my life. Almost everyday, we would not forget to take some photos. At the end of the day, my dear friend, Jack, would help the rest of my friends and I to upload all of our photos to the Internet. After going online for several times to look at the photos, I start to have the fervour of creating my very own web photo album portal.

After months of hard work, Photo Tee is finally completed. Photo Tee would be the space that I continue to store my great moments, and I hope that it would be the space for my friends, love ones and yours as well.

To sign up as a new Photo Tee member, please go to


The Launch of New Website Community

Hi I am Randy, the Co-Creator of I have been searching for a Live Journal Community this whole morning that allow members to share their newly launched websites, and I did not manage to find one (or perhaps I have missed out).

Instead of continue of searching, I decided to create my very own Community – New Websites,

I hope that this community would be a popular place for website or portal creators to share newly launched website to the rest. To make thing easy, I have enabled the rights for non-Live Journal members to post in this community.

I hope to see more people featuring their new websites in this community, and I would be introducing my newly launched website – in my next post.


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